Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unpack Your Smile Suitcase

The other night, I was reading an article regarding funding for education. It wasn't positive. The article had me feeling a little down and defeated.  That's when I knew it was time to unpack my Smile Suitcase.  Immediately, I was reminded as to why I am a teacher.   I am a teacher because children are great.  There is no other way to put it.  I get to spend many hours with children with pure hearts. The bonus is that I get to teach them some things along the way.

For those times you find yourself asking yourself, "Why am I in this profession again?"  Unpack your Smile Suitcase, and think of your students!  It is important to always remind yourself of this.  It brings you back to life and reenergizes you.

In my suitcase, I place any items that I know I will want to keep for a long time.  Those classic portraits that students draw of you with the large head, small eyes, and goofy smile........Those "Your the Best Teacher" pictures.......The thank you notes from parents........A student's story that uses great vocabulary.........

Here are some examples I have in my suitcase:

If the item is large and will not fit into your suitcase, take a picture of it. Place the picture into the suitcase. You can even get students involved!  When they hand your something special, have them place it in your Smile Suitcase.  They will love it.

To create your Smile Suitcase you will need:

Simply cut the side off the cereal box, wrap it with the wrapping paper, and then use double-sided tape to attach the printable.  Glue on any decorations you may choose.  Place your Smile Suitcase in a safe spot that is easily accessible when you need it.  

Remember, smile.  It really is the best way to bring yourself back to life!