About Me

Teaching looks fun, right?  :)

I am a teacher!  I have been a teacher for eight years, although some days I feel like I have been teaching for 30 years and other days it feels like it's year one.  That's one of the most amazing things about teaching.  Every day is different, and you can never expect the same experiences.  Teaching is my passion, it's my hobby, it's my life!

I have taught first grade for three years.  Teaching first grade taught me patience.  I then moved to third grade for four years.  Teaching third grade allowed me to fall in love with the craft of teaching. Beginning in the Fall, I will be teaching English as a Second Language and Read 180 for the second year. I am excited and nervous to make the shift from a homeroom teacher to a small group teacher.  I don't know what to expect, but I do know that I will learn something valuable from my experience.

I've always wanted to start a blog.  I mean let's be honest.  When we need an idea for teaching, the first thing we all do is "google it" or check "pinterest".  The world of technology has been amazing to me.  Other bloggers out there have inspired me, have helped me, and have helped my students.  I want to share what I do daily!

Outside of school, I have three nephews. Donavin (age 14), Nathan (age 12), and Brayson (age 1). They are a huge part of my life.  I spend much of my time being their cheerleader at all of their activities from football, to basketball, to band, to drama club.

My darling nephews!