Monday, July 9, 2012

Kid in a Candy Store

That's the way to describe myself when Staples starts running their penny deals for back to school!  Let me explain.  Every year, I scan all of the ads in the newspaper beginning in July.  I write down everything I want to purchase and how to get the best deal.  I mean, a pack of pencils for a penny.  How can you say no to that?  I'm the teacher that hits up every Staples store in the area each day to collect 25 of each item. By the end of the week, I have 100 packs of pencils, 100 glue sticks, 100 glue bottles, 100 get the point.  Using your teachers rewards card allows you to purchase more than the maximum for customers.

In fact, the name of my blog, Piles of Pencils, comes from my obsession to hoard school supplies.  At the end of the year as I was packing up my stuff, I realized that maybe I should be on the show Hoarders - Teacher Edition (TLC, if you are out there reading this blog, I may be on to something).  I found piles and piles of pencils!  If for some reason schools can longer to afford to purchase pencils, I'm covered.  I have packs of pencils that I have never used from seven years ago!  At least I am prepared if there is ever a shortage!

Staples policy says that you must make a $5 minimum purchase to get the penny deal.  I spent $6.04 and got so many things, even (you guessed it) PENCILS!  Here is what I purchased:

  • 4 packs of mechanical pencils
  • 2 packs of pens
  • 2 packs of crayons
  • 2 packs of colored pencils
  • 1 notebook
  • 2 packs of pink block erasers
Tell me that's not a deal!  I was tempted to buy 25 packs of crayons, but I'm trying to be sensible!  Staples is also running a deal with their reams of paper.  Buy a ream of paper for $6.99.  Get an easy rebate for $6.74.  Making the grand total of $0.25.  Add this to your penny purchases and you have spent less than $1.00.

Good luck on your search for the best deals on school supplies.  If you know of any other deals, please feel free to share!