Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Computer Logins

"Miss Ely, I forget my password for Math 24."

"Miss Ely, What's my login for Study Island?"

"Miss Ely, I keep putting in the right password, but it's just not working."

"Miss Ely", "Miss Ely", "Miss Ely" "Miss Ely", "Miss Ely", "Miss Ely"............

This is the point in my day where I close my eyes and take a deep breath.  Does this happen to you? I know it does.  Your a teacher.  We hear our names called out a hundred times a day. The best is when I hear a student call "Mrs. Ely".  I don't answer.  They look confused, so they say it again, "Mrs. Ely". I still do not respond.  After the third "Mrs. Ely", I turn around and say, "That's my mother and she isn't here right now."  It makes me smile!

Back to the topic......to solve the problem of students forgetting their login and password information, I created Computer Licenses.  It's not a new idea  I am sure there are many websites and bloggers that have done the same thing.  

If you haven't figured out yet, I like to keep things simple.  Using the following document (click here to download), I inserted each child's picture into the license.  Then I printed them and wrote their login information into each box, because I can guarantee I would have become frustrated trying to type each username and password into those tiny boxes. After filling out each license, I laminated them so they held up throughout the year. What you do with them after that, is up to you.  You could have students attach them to their desks using tape or magnets. You could have them attach them to a folder they use frequently.  I put them on a shelf in my classroom next to the computer center so they always knew where to find their information.  I was pretty lucky, I didn't have any lost or taken home by accident.  

I hope this helps!  Having these helped cut down the time students spent logging in and allowed them more time interacting with the program!