Sunday, July 8, 2012

Students who need to move

Do you have these students?  The students who just can't seem to sit still?  The student who finds every excuse to get a tissue to blow their nose just so they have the opportunity to move around, talk with friends, and waste time?  What I always find so funny is that no one is distracted by this student except me!  The other students have learned to ignore the skipping to the tissues.  But no matter how long I have been teaching or how old I get, my eyes just can't ignore it.

So here is a solution. Conference with the student and set a timer for five minutes. If the student can work for five minutes without getting out of their seat.....(I mean really work!), then allow the student to take a break!  I print the following on colored paper. I fold the paper in half, place a little tape on it to keep it closed, and address it to another teacher in the building.  The student must deliver the note to the teacher!  It is discrete so the student doesn't feel like they are being called out.  What student doesn't love delivering something to another teacher?

Easy for me!  Gets the student up and moving!