Friday, July 13, 2012

No More Busy Work!

I believe that I am a very well organized teacher. My papers all have a place, students know where to find materials, every file is neatly labeled in my filing cabinet, and my calendar is neatly marked in pencil with all important events happening in school.

My pet-peeve?  Finding out about something a day, an hour, or even minutes before it is going to happen. Were you ever told you were going to a meeting and a substitute will be in for you hours before the meeting?  It happens. That's when I start to panic.  What am I going to leave for the sub?  I WILL NOT leave busy work.  There is nothing worse.  The students know it it's busy work, and the substitute knows it's busy work, which results in a chaotic classroom.  Why even bother?  

There is one math activity that I always have prepared just in case of a last minute meeting.  It's Multiplication Bingo.  Again, it's Multiplication Bingo.  Not Valentine's Day Bingo, Halloween Bingo, etc. Don't get me wrong, those are great for a fun celebration day once or twice a year, but they have no business in the classroom on a regular afternoon because you need a time filler. 

Multiplication Bingo is fun.  It is a game.  It is easy to prepare. It does require students to think and practice a skill they need to learn by the end of third grade.  It is here for you to download!  CLICK HERE! 

My students have always enjoyed this rare treat!  They are engaged in reviewing and practicing.  I hope your students love this as much as mine!