Thursday, August 23, 2012

Renting Textbooks = Saving Money

I wanted to quickly blog about this great website that a friend told me about.  It's called BookRenter.  I start classes for my Principal Certification on Monday.  I am taking two classes and needed to purchase four books.  I priced the books at the campus bookstore website and the price was over $200.  This was for used books!  Luckily, these days you can rent textbooks.  I am all for this.  I'm still holding on to undergrad books that I wasn't able to sell back, and I haven't looked at them since those early college years.  What a waste!

After being told about BookRenter, I was ecstatic.  I rented three books for $75.  I purchased the fourth book because it was specific to Pennsylvania and was not available to rent.  You can even decide how long you would like to rent the books for.  Because my courses only run for six weeks, it was less expensive than renting the book for the entire semester.

You are not charged for shipping. In addition, the company will also pay for shipping when you return the books.  Simple!