Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crayola Cups....Share Ideas!

I love the clearance section of any store. I get all giddy when I see a good deal. However, it has to be a good deal. I once got a $125 dress for $5. That's a deal! I once got a pair of $60 heels for $6. That's a deal! I once found a $250 Cricut cutter for $200. Not a deal!

Today at Wal-mart, I found these little treasures!  They were 89 cents each in the clearance section.  I bought one of each color.  I wanted to buy more, but they weren't that great of a deal!  When something is on clearance, I want it to be dirt cheap!

Crayola Crayon Cups
Sorry for the picture quality.  It was taken with my iPhone in my kitchen, as you can tell from the George Foreman Grill in the background!  
Now, I have these great materials, what do I do with them besides the obvious of using them to hold crayons?  If you have any ideas, please post them below or on my Facebook page.

Well I'm off to bed.  I'm picking up my moving man, aka my nephew Donavin, and moving into my new classroom tomorrow at 8am!  I will post "before" pictures.